The presence of noise in the working environment may lead to difficulties in carrying out normal job performances by generating, from simple annoyance to psychomotor stress, to irreversible hearing damage.

A comfortable working environment increases concentration, the well-being of the operators and thus the productivity of the entire company. The head of an establishment knows that the human capital within a department is a key asset: allowing employees to work positively in a healthy environment improves the quality of life of his staff at the factory.

.Among the main sources of noise in the industrial field there are production lines, mechanical machineries and heating groups.

It is possible to intervene on these sources without compromising the functionality of the machine or regular maintenance activities by choosing two types of intervention:

- Encapsulation of the noise source, making a tailor-made structure based on the productivity it is called upon to perform daily;
- Creation of operators' cabs, creating soundproof environments, luminous with adequate ventilation systems.

2 Zeta has accumulated great experience with numerous interventions in the following fields:

Without compromising the functionality of the sourceAnd ensures compliance with legal constraints.
2 Zeta designs and manufactures specific solutions based on the type of source and its location:

Sound-insulating booths on machines

Acoustic doors and silencers


Soundproof cabin for operator

2 Zeta soundproofing solutions allows you to have:

Custom A custom turnkey solution, from design to installation
StabilityThe choice of robust hinges makes our product mechanically stable.
FunctionalityUnchanged production activity of both the operators and the sound-insulated machinery
AesteticsA solution also considering an aesthetic point of view
Respect for the environmentUse of selected materials, suitable for maximum performance
CertifiedManuals and CE certificates
AssistanceAssistance and post installation maintenance