Soundproof Containers

2 ZETA manufactures soundproof containers for cogenerators, technological systems and electrogen groups.

We design, manufacture and install individual containers according to the specific requirements of our customers, paying great attention to the functional characteristics of the engine with the required noise reduction.

In just over thirty years of experience we have designed and manufactured over 3,000 customized soundproofing solutions for our global customers in the industrial sectors (manufacturers and engineers for cogeneration, thermal power plants and boilers), environmental and Oil & Gas.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the materials and the know-how of the 2Zeta team, we are able to manufacture solutions that reduce the noise of the source of up to 50 decibels, with the most diverse functional features ranging from the small blower to 3000 KW cogenerators.

Container Soundproofing

StructureConstruction of the structure in accordance with structural and seismic calculations.
PanelsThe panel thickness is chosen to ensure that the required attenuation is achieved
VentilationVentilation system studied and dimensioned based on air flow and ambient installation features
Sealed roofThe roof is designed to support the weight of the systems
FloorSlip and oil resistant, sliding beams for easy engine insertion
Lifting the containerThe container is fitted with eyebolts positioned to ensure correct lifting of the container
Fire Fighting ComponentsEI compartments, fitted with fire damper, smoke detectors
AccessoriesLadder, parapet, balcony,
Supplementary optionsElectrical and emergency systems, air conditioner, lighting system

Soundproofed Containers

PerformanceStrong, durable structure that ensures compliance with the performance of the engine to be housed
EngineeringDesigned with static and seismic calculations to be installed in any type of environment
ManufacturedHigh quality materials, welded by qualified personnel, make it robust and durable over time.
FunctionalIn full respect of the operating functions of the engine to be housed
AestheticsGood aesthetics to add value to your plant

Soundproofed Container

Guarantee of attenuationAssured noise attenuation is certified
FunctionalPerformance of the screening of the source
AssistanceOur engineers will develop your project, evaluating every aspect: acoustics, ventilation, static and fire-proofing
Savings on maintenanceOnce installed it does not require maintenance
CertifiedCertified in accordance with acoustic and fire regulations
Result obtained with our products

Attenuation from 20 to 55 dB(A) at 1m