2Zeta is a team that since 1989 designs, manufactures and installs soundproofing systems for the most diverse sources in the industrial, environmental, civil and energy sectors.

In every intervention, our goal is to find targeted solutions, in accordance with specific requirements, in compliance with current regulations, through the design and production of interventions that preserve the performance and functionality of the plant, obtaining environmental comfort and well-being for those who must work or live nearby.
In 1989 we began designing and manufacturing soundproof enclosures for the industrial sector. The ever-increasing technical evolution and the empowerment of the Legislative Decree 16/03/1999 and the EC Directive 2004/8 led the company to carry out sound-proofing measures in other sectors such as cogeneration and technological centres in general, and hence the drive for the perfection of design of increasingly complex constructions.

The quality of service and attention to detail has led 2 Zeta not only to provide a standard product, but to meet the specific needs of the customer, becoming a reliable partner from the preliminary design stage.

Today 2 Zeta is composed of a young and dynamic group, that looks forward to innovation, open to change and the future, but never forgetting the wealth of experience accumulated over the years.

Our achievements are the result of a series of processing phases that develop as follows: evaluation of the site, feasibility study of soundproofing interventions with the aid of advanced simulation programs, design of intervention, production of components in compliance with UNI, ISO and CE standards, installation and final certifications.

Another aspect of which 2 Zeta values is the formation and information of their own experiences.
For several years, in collaboration with the professional orders, we have been organizing training seminars on applied acoustics and designing targeted interventions to solve noise issues.