The company in question is a market leader in Treviso in the production of lamps, lighting fixtures and offers a wide range of lighting solutions.
The attention of this company with regards to its collaborators has always been at the center.

The owner and RSSP of the company, following installation in the production line of a machine for the production of a chip for lighting that generated a noise of 92dB, damaging to operators and exceeding the limits established by law. He decided to intervene to eliminate this criticality.
The acoustic limits indicated by the Legislative Decree 81/08 foresees noise in the working environment of 80 dB(A).

Legislative Decree D.Lgs. 81/08

Territory use destination class Times of reference
establishes noise levels within a working environment

After a preliminary inspection at the company, 2 Zeta engineers identified and presented to the owner the most appropriate solution through a descriptive project of the intervention and a forecast calculation of the economic investment as well as the necessary production and installation times.

The proposed intervention is a custom made soundproof cabin after having considered three fundamental aspects:
- the characteristics of the machinery to which functionality must be guaranteed;
- The activity to be carried out by the operator;
- The acoustic guarantee

The intervention was based on the construction of a structural cabin with removable panels to be extracted from the production line during maintenance.
On the three sides, glass panels were planned to make the activity carried out by the operator always visible; on the front, a two-door opening with robust hinges and the two side walls, having only a small space available and in order not interfere with other productive activities, we made sliding openings.

The paneling has been suitably chosen based on the acoustic warranty to be achieved.


The goal of falling within the limits set by the Legislative Decree D.LGs has been greatly achieved with a reduction of 73 dB(A) at 1m.


The soundproofing operation was a success.