Soundproofed Enclosures

Soundproof enclosures are designed with maximum attention to the engine's functional characteristics, noise reduction, structural and safety regulations.
With our design and calculation programs, we study: the structure of the container, the thickness of the sound isolating sound absorbing panel, the correct internal ventilation, the load losses by providing an adequate solution considering also the installation environment.

Our design and production follows these standards:
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008
UNI EN 1090


Soundproofed Enclosures

Our highly qualified technical staff allows us to meticulously check every stage of the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the quality, safety and precision of welding from start to finish.

Upon request, the enclosures can be realized in EI or with internal compartments in EI.
Integrated ventilation system, engineered on the basis of engine air flow and load losses, ensuring the correct ventilation of the unit.
Door openings
Made to measure and sized according to your needs
The paneling has a different thickness, chosen according to the attenuation to be achieved
Fireproofing accessories
EI compartment, fire damper and filters on silencers
EI compartment, fire damper and filters on silencers
Integrated options
Electrical system, emergency system, smoke and fire detectors, emergency lanes

Soundproofed Enclosures

With full respect to the performance of the engine to be housed
Made to measure for every type of environment

Based on static and seismic calculations, air flow, ensuring proper ventilation
Robust structure weather resistant. Completely waterproof. Cut-to-size structure on site assembly only using bolts and screws.
Long lasting, first choice materials saves you on maintenance costs
InstallationMade up of modular panels, making it a simple structure to be easily dismantled and reassembled for maintenance

Soundproofed Enclosures

Acoustic GuaranteesGuarantees the desired acoustic attenuation with certified and certifiable materials.
AssuredGuarantees the full functionality of the engine that will be housed.
PersonalizedWe realize your project, providing you with a solution that best suits your needs.
TestedEngineered and designed considering installation location and the technical features of the components inserted inside.
Good aestheticsAttention to every detail, to add value to your plant.
DurableHigh-quality materials guarantee quality and durability over time.
CertifiedThe enclosure is certified in accordance with current regulations.

Acoustic performance: attenuation from 20 to 45 dB(A) at 1 m