Creation of an operator's cabin to protect the casting controllers exposed daily to very high noise levels.

The contracting company is a Friulian steel mill that is part of a major global group in the construction of steel plant facilities, with a continuous casting department where production processes reach very high temperatures.

In the working activities, the need to protect the casting control operator from both the production noise of 105 dB(A) and the high air temperature of 50/60°C due to the great heat generated from casting.

The operator's discomfort was great and needed intervention to allow him to do his job at best and respect the regulations.

Value established by the Legislative Decree D.Lgs. 81/08

Territory use destination class Times of reference
Maximum noise level exposure of operators

After a site inspection of the company, 2 Zeta engineers identified and presented the customer with the most appropriate solutions through a descriptive project of the intervention and a forecast calculation of the economic investment and the time required for production and installation.

The intervention was the construction of an operator's cab at the height of 10m from the ground to guarantee full visibility of the plant.

The proposed booth has been designed with a structural and static calculation to ensure full safety and stability.
Soundproof sound absorbing materials to ensure acoustic comfort inside the cabin.

The composition of the sheet metal and high-density rock wool panel has been chosen on the basis of our computer software calculations that guarantee a soundproofing of 50 dB.

The cabin was made of tempered glass to ensure a maximum temperature of 28°C and complete with ceramic flooring, electrical system, air conditioning and emergency lights.


The soundproofing operation has reached the limits set by the the legislative decree D.Lgs 81/08


In addition to meeting the acoustic regulations, the cabin complies with static and seismic zone parameters.