Devices designed to be installed on noisy air sources.
Their main purpose is to bring the sound pressure level within the values set by the actual regulations, while ensuring proper function of the systems.
The silencer consists of an acoustic insulating and sound absorbing box made of galvanized steel inside which the dissipative baffles are housed.
They are placed parallel to the airflow, in order to divide and channel it, thus facilitating the absorption of sound energy. Their number, size and positioning are the result of specific analysis to be carried out each time, which determines the optimization of the system's performance by minimizing load losses.

Silencers with dissipative baffles

Steel strucutreInsulated steel structure with sound isolating sound absorbing panels, thickness based on acoustic attenuation required
Dissipative bafflesComposed of perimeter sheet with internal rock wool mat.
Sized and spaced on the basis of air flow and acoustic attenuation required
OptionalFor high temperatures, silencers can be made of stainless steel and ceramic rock wool.

Silencers with dissipative baffles

PerformanceIdeal to reduce noise, ensuring the correct ventilation of the group.
EngineeringWith our software, we calculate the correct sizing of the baffles, the distance from each other to allow the air flow and and the load loss to be respected, which should not be lower than the technical data sheet.
ManufacturingExcellent weather resistance. The rock wool is carefully protected by a fiberglass veil, which avoids crumbling and dust.
Fireproof ComponentsFilters on silencers that prevent flame return.
MaintenanceMaintenance is very simple and can be done at the installation site.

Silencers with dissipative baffles

Acoustic warrantyWith the silencer it is possible to easily reach any attenuation request.
FunctionalEngineering designed accurately, studying the technical card of the group to be soundproofed
EngineeredTailor-made in accordance with the customer's specifications and according to the acoustic and fire-proofing regulations in force
AestheticsSilencer carefully manufactured, adapting it to the context in which it is inserted
Turnkey serviceThe silencer is easy to install and disassemble in case of extraordinary maintenance

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