Sound is a relevant component in the perception of well-being or uneasiness in the context in which the person interacts.

Those involved can be both employees who work on the specific source of noise (eg. an evaporative tower) and who lives or works near it.
Framework law No.447 / 95 has classified the national territory by assigning noise limit values to the predominant activities carried out in the specific territory.
Overcoming the values set by the regulations for the equipment can have serious consequences for the owner of the source, from sanctions to the closure of the business.

The most significant noise sources are often in service of production, health, recreational or commercial activities and are:

Zeta thanks to the experience accumulated with noise reduction interventions in many companies operating in the above sectors intervenes on these sources without compromising the functionality of the source and ensuring compliance with legal constraints.
2 Zeta designs and manufactures specific solutions based on the type of source and location:



All of the advantages of
2 Zeta Soundproofing Solutions:

CustomizedA custom turnkey solution, from project to installation
AssuranceAssurance with respect to the intervention timings
To normThe design of a solution in respect of existing structural regulations
TestedPhonometric testing after completion
CertifiedDelivery of manuals and CE certificates
DurableUnaltered over time of the activity of the soundproofed machinery
AestheticsA solution also taken from an aesthetic point of view
PerformanceThe use of selected materials suitable for maximum performance
AssistancePost installation service and maintenance
2 ZETAA 2 Zeta solution!