Soundproof grids

Soundproof grids are devices that as used as inserts on fixed or mobile units. In their sound isolating and sound absorbing function, they ensure free air flow necessary to the environment and at the same time minimize load loss.

The inclination angle of the fins is neither fixed or at random, but is to be defined after a study to be carried out each time to determine the correct installation.

They are constituted by a galvanized sheet metal frame in support of sound isolating sound absorbing fins

which are made up of a galvanized pressed metal casing inside of which are rock wool mats


Soundproof grids

StructureSturdy structure in painted galvanized sheet metal or in stainless steel.
Sound absorbing finsFins sized and spaced apart on the basis of the air flow to ensure the correct operation of the system
Internal sound absorptionTo ensure the required attenuation is achieved
AccessoriesHinges or handles to make it open

Soundproof grids

PerformanceReaching the required attenuation and full functionality of the source
EngineeringOur engineers design tailor-made grids based on the air flow rate and sound frequency of the source
ManufacturingCrafted with great attention to detail makes it a durable and an aesthetically pleasing product
FunctionalityThe product is screwed to the frame, so it can be easily removed for any need
MaintenanceSave on maintenance costs, does not require any cleaning or spare parts

Soundproof Grids

CustomizedWe offer you a customized solution for your needs
SecureGuaranteed and certified product
According to normsIn accordance with the regulations in force
TestedThe product is accompanied by a laboratory certificate
DurableKeeping the product unaltered over time
AestheticsAesthetically pleasing solution to add value to your plant
PerformanceThe use of selected materials and the fact that it is tailor-made, makes it easily adaptable to your design
Result obtained with our products

The grid is accompanied by a certified Laboratory Test Rw 12 dB