Design of the acoustic barrier

With our files we make 2 types of calculations:
Static Calculations
Including Territory Testing, Wind Pressure, Calculation of HEA Column and Base Plate;
Sound Calculation
source height, distance from receiver.

Building Features of the Noise Barrier

The noise barrier is made of a structure consisting of HEA galvanized columns at sight, complete with special fixing plates and placed at an interracial distance of 3000 mm from each other.
The elements will be fixed on concrete foundation by means of chemical plugs.
Sound absorbing soundproof panels are inserted between the columns.

The panels can be of different types according to the use

2 ZETA Panels

StructureStructure designed for static and simic calculations
PanelPanel is made up of different sections of absorbent materials
FastenersChoice of fasteners to ensure mechanical stability

Panels for every need of attenuation

PerformanceGreat solution to acoustically protect the receiver from a noise source that is on the same floor or the floor under the noise source.
EngineeringOur engineers study structural sizing and calculations in compliance with current legislations. The barrier size is calculated by diffraction calculations.
ManufacturingThe materials, chosen with care considering aesthetics, guaranteeing final results.
MaintenanceDurability of materials, choice of products that do not deteriorate
InstallationOur modules are easy to install on site even by unskilled personnel.

Safety of the end result, materials are chosen based on the soundproofing performance to be achieved.

Stable and robustManufacturing of a robust stable structure in compliance with current regulations;
Guaranteed performanceSafety of the final result, the materials are chosen on the basis of the sound attenuation to be achieved;
DurabilityDurability of structural materials. Raw materials are carefully chosen to ensure the quality and safety of the products we supply;
No maintenance workNo maintenance work is required, but our staff can annually check the fastening of the bolts to always ensure the functionality and stability;
Simple assemblyNo specialized staff is required for assembly; our modules can be assembled by external operators under our guidance.
Result obtained with our products

Safety of the end result, materials are chosen based on the soundproofing performance to be achieved.