Soundproofed Doors

In an acoustic improvement intervention, door openings represent an inconsistancy factor in the system.
If they are not appropriately sized and considered in the smallest details, they can affect the outcome of the unit as a whole.
2 Zeta, in full awareness of the risks this weakness implies, is able to design and produce doors that can overcome these gaps.

Their composition starts with a robust steel frame, galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel.
Double or triple jambs with special high-soundproof seals are the guarantee of eliminating acoustic bridges.

All this is backed by robust special hinges that contribute to mechanical stability.
The internal stratigraphy is designed each time by the technical department, depending on the sound performance and frequencies of the source on which to intervene.

In this assessment, if required, we respond to specific fire protection requirements.

Soundproofed Doors

StructureHigh thickness external perimetral 4 sided frame in steel or galvanized and painted metal sheet or in stainless steel.
SealsSpecial seals with high soundproofing characteristics.
PanelingDifferent panel thickness according to sound pressure and source frequencies.
HingesSpecial hinges that contribute to mechanical stability.
AccessoriesGlass portholes, afonic grids, built-in silencers for air exchange, anti-panic bars, pedestrian door, motorized opening

Soundproofed Doors

PerformanceGuaranteed noise reduction
EngineeringOur engineers will study all dimensions and the mechanical characteristics to manufacture a product suitable for your project.
ManufacturingCrafted on a tailor-made basis, with great attention to detail making it a robust and durable product over time.
InstallationEasy to assemble. The door will be delivered to you pre-assembled complete with instructions, any staff member can carry out the installation.
MaintenanceStrong hinges and seals make our doors long lasting without requiring maintenance.

Soundproofed Doors

Guaranteed ResultsCertified guarantee of the result.
Tailor madeWe tailor our product to your project.
DurableRobust product with great attention to detail.
AestheticsAesthetically pleasing to add value to your plant.
FunctionalRemovable components to ensure the maintenance of your plant.
According to RegulationsMade in accordance with current regulations.
StabilityThe choice of robust hinges makes our product mechanically stable.
Result obtained with our products 2 Zeta soundproofing solutions allows you to have:

Soundproofing from 20 to 50 dB(A)

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