Cogeneration is the combined production of electricity and heat, which makes it possible to use these elements more efficiently.

Recuperating hot water, process steam and / or fumes produced by a fossil engine fuel (natural gas, fuel oil, etc.) or non-fossil organic fuels (biomass, biogas, synthesis gas, or others) achieving significant energy savings compared to the separate generation of electricity (through generating in an electrical power plant) and thermal energy (through traditional thermal power plant).

There are several types and sizes of such engines that allow to heat the environment and provide electrical power to service structures operating in different sectors such as:

The function of such engines generates unpleasant noise pollution to those who live or work nearby. In these cases, 2 Zeta is an excellent partner for noise reduction in designing tailor-made solutions for specific requirements as they are different from industry to industry. Each project is tailor-made, adapting the products to the characteristics of the noise source, ensuring full functionality and high performance of the engine by designing proper ventilation and using products that meet the fire protection standards. An example is the design and construction of a cogeneration plant at the Hospital of Alessandria, where the noise level of 105 dB(A) was reduced to 50 dB(A) at 1 m (see ref.) Specifically, the different 2 Zeta implemented solutions are:


Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic doors and silencer

All of the advantages of 2 Zeta Soundproofing Solutions:

CustomizedMaximum personalization and flexibility in relation to plant requirements
SafetyDesign engineering accompanied by structural and seismic relationships
On timeAssurance in respect of the timing of intervention
Acoustic warranty Guaranteed soundproofing;
Restistant Unaltered function of the soundproofed cogenerator
GoodlyA solution also considering an aesthetic point of view
CertifiedManuals and CE certificates
AssistanceMaintenance and post-installation assistance