Acoustic Enclosure on Machinery

Our enclosures are tailor-made, designed to respect to the functionality of the machinery to be fitted. Made with sound absorbing and sound isolating modular panels that ensure the required sound attenuation. They are easily removable to allow for easy inspection and maintenance. The materials used are dust-resistant, suitable for any work environment and are completely flame-retardant and shock resistant.

They can be equipped with several accessories such as:

- Glass portholes;
- Openings;
- Ventilation Systems;
- Electricals

Our panels are complete with laboratory certificate according to UNI EN ISO 10140-1: 2014, UNI EN ISO10140-2-2010, UNI EN ISO 10140-4: 2010, UNI EN ISO 717-1: 2013 Laboratory soundproof measurement.
EN 13501-1 Fire classification of products and building elements - Part 1: Classification based on test data derived from fire reaction tests.

Our engineering and production adheres to the following standards:
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008
UNI EN 1090

Soundproof indoor enclosures for machinery

DesignMade to measure on your production
PanelsModular panels screwed together to allow disassembly of each component.
OpeningsSliding doors or doors to allow ordinary maintenance tasks
Glass portholesOn request it is possible to insert glass portholes also soundproofed
Ventilation systemAir inlet and outlet are designed to ensure full machine functionality
AccessoriesElectrical system, lighting, smoke relief

Indoor soundproofed enclosure

PerformanceGuaranteed operation of the enclosed machinery.
EngineeredStudied with you to respond fully to your needs
ManufacturedUsing selected materials for a long lasting product.
Good astheticsAttention to details to add value to your plant.
MaintenanceOur enclosures don't require maintenance, each panel can be easily removed and installed.
CertifiedCE certified enclosure complying with European construction regulations.

Indoor soundproofed enclosure

Acoustic warrantyAchievement of acoustic attenuation assured
CustomCustomized solution and project tailored to your machine
Designed Studied with you to respond fully to your needs
CertifiedMade in accordance with the regulations of your field of affiliation
PraticalityOn-site assembly only by assembling components, no cutting or welding of the structure;
AssistanceOur staff is always at your disposal to provide you with assistance for the enclosure installed
SafetyMade to ensure a safe solution for workers
Result obtained with our products

Attenuation from 10 to 25 dB(A)