Case Studies

Soundproofing enclosure with wate-to-air ventilation system. Soundproofing of a waste-to-energy plant in Mayo Bay, Ireland.

The soundproof enclosure was installed near the sea, in a rainly environment with a high humidity factor.
The enclosure must conform to very restrictive technical specifications with regards to the following aspects:

    - dimensioning
    - movement of the enclosure
    - static
    - ventilation
    - acoustic attenuation

The enclosure size is 11m in length, 8,5m in width and 6m in height.
The required attenuation is of 30 dB(A) at 1m and the entire enclosure once installed, must be moved.
The enclosure must also support two bridge cranes with a 2 ton capacity.
Ensuring that the ventilation is properly dimensioned considering the airflow and the loading time of the installed system.
Complete with electrical system, lighting and fire detector.

Acustic Garantee

Territory use destination class Times of reference
Required Noise Level

Acoustic Enclosure for waste-to-energy plants

Our engineering staff has developed a technical study evaluating three aspects: acoustics, structural and ventilation systems. With acoustic calculation, the thickness of the panel is chosen to ensure that the acoustic attenuation of 30dB(A) is reached at 1m. Through static and seismic calculations we have evaluated the tubular structure to ensure stability, staticity to the closure in accordance with the characteristics of the territory and the regulations in force. The movement of the enclosure has been carried out by means of simulation software that has determined the positioning of the anchor points essential for the handling and lifting equipment. Ventilation through dissipative roofs, spaced apart to ensure proper air recirculation, acoustic attenuation and the reduction of load losses.


Soundproofing enclosure for waste-to-energy plant


The soundproof enclosure has reached the required acoustic attenuation. The structural study complies with the technical regulations of the installation area.